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Is There Any Real Right or Wrong?

Maybe you've heard the true story about a philosophy student who wrote a research paper arguing that there are no objective, universal moral principles. Judged by its research, scholarship, documentation and argumentation, it was easily an "A" paper. The professor, however, took one look at it, pulled out his red felt pen and wrote " F - I do not like blue covers." When the student got his paper back he stormed into the professor's office, "This is not fair! This is not just! I shouldn't be graded on the colour of my cover, but on the content of my paper!" The professor asked if the student was referring to the paper which argued that there are no objective moral principles such as fairness and justice. The student replied, "Yes, yes, that's the one!" The professor responded, "Well... I do not like blue covers. The grade will remain an 'F."' Suddenly the student realized that he really did believe in objective moral principles like fairness and justice, and he was expecting them to be applied to his situation right then and there.

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